Grilled Carrots With Yogurt, Carrot-Top Oil and Dukkah Recipe (2024)

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That's a lot of work (both prep and clean-up) and time for a side dish. 2-step steaming & grilling could be eliminated by cooking the carrots in 1/8 inch of water in a cast-iron skillet, and then "dry-roasting"/charring them in the same pan once the water has been absorbed, maybe adding 1/2 tsp. of oil to prevent sticking. Also, small-batch Greek-style yogurts WITHOUT pectin at Whole Foods are a better alternative to bought labneh, in which US manufacturers misguidedly use cream. Just sayin'.


What a mess when I followed the recipe. I had a sink and a sieve covered with oil which made my dishwasher (my spouse) upset. The two step cooking of the carrots was too much work. But the dukkah topping was delicious. So this time I am oven roasting the carrots after drizzling them with oil. I blitzed the carrot tops with oil and made a dressing with the oil and honey and vinegar. Top with dukkah. Easier and yummy.

John Neill

How great it is to have the recipe include metric! Thank you -- I'm not a USA citizen you can tell!HOWEVER if you're using (divinely naturally sweet) 'baby' carrots (as shown ) you only need to very lightly 'scrub' them clean..peeling would mean you'd have very little carrots left at all!I also microwave mine very short time in a cling film-covered Pyrex ..dead easy! & less fuss/washing up.Oh & high quality dukka mixes are now readily avail for the time-poor cooks out there!


A classic Ottolenghi recipe insofar as it's a massive pain, and totally worth it. Did not make the labneh, used full fat greek yoghurt and can't think how it would have been better. Dukkah is delicious.

Norah Robb

Will forego the carrot top oil else the rabbits will be without.


Really, truly, lovely - a joy to make and eat. Not difficult, but a lot of steps, so it would be good to pair with simpler dishes. The first 5 steps can be done well ahead, and steps 6-7 completed just before serving. Teamwork could also help (one person peels carrots and makes dukkah, the other chops carrot tops/tarragon and makes oil ... one person steams and grills the carrots, the other prepares the oil/salt, the honey/vinegar/salt, the yogurt/salt).

Drake Baer

As a huge Ottolenghi fan I’ve learned to apply common sense to simplify his process while keeping the spirit of the dish and most ingredients. Here, simply grill the carrots without steaming them first and use quality pre-made dukkah, baharrat or zaatar. Making the carrot top oil is easy and fast — just press on the oil/greens in a sieve and let it continue to drip while grilling the carrots. This needn’t take more than 20 - 30 minutes, from beginning to end, in addition to pre-heating the grill

My husband loves carrots and he says this is the best carrot dish he’s ever had. They just get the treatment. It’s worth it. Hold their own next to a bone in NY strip. I don’t mess with labneh I just add salt to some Greek yogurt. Also if you don’t want to buy tarragon just for this just sub whatever herbs you have on hand, you’re straining it anyhow. The leftover dukkah is fire on salads and whatnot.

Ron H.

I enjoyed them more sans yogurt. Otherwise, I would double or even triple the amount of salt for the yogurt.


As noted, lots of steps and mess. The Dukkah needs a little more spice. Will try to simplify next time.


People talking about it being a lot of work for a side dish: yogurt is protein and carrots are vegetables. Why not just serve it with some good bread and call it a meal?


This was insanely good, and I will definitely be making the carrot-top oil again and the dukkah but WOW this is a lot of work for a side or mezze. I would maybe almost make this in parts ahead of time and then assemble for the meal.


I cut my carrots in half lengthwise and followed the cooking times. They were still firm in the center. The oil, seasoning and vinegar mixture are not hard to make. They can all be made in advance. Next time I am going to roast the carrots.

cassie - provate

Time intensive - big dinners only with prep in advance


Beautiful, remarkable, memorable dish… if not for the time, mess and effort that goes into it as a side. I was grateful to have leftover dukkah for a topping for other snacks for the rest of the week, but don’t think I could make this again due to the immense effort involved.


Made it for dinner last night and it was gone in a flash! The carrot top oil was a little fiddly but worth the effort. I make dukkah in larger quantities regularly so it did cut down on prep time - I use a different recipe altogether. Will make this again soon!

Beth Ann

So good! I skipped steaming the carrots and just grilled them over low heat on my gas grill in a grilling basket. The basket kept the carrots from getting too charred and they were amazing!


I was intimidated by the "Most Helpful" notes here, but man was this worth it (and honestly, the mess wasn't that bad). I dry roasted the carrots as another user suggested, and added parsley to the carrot top oil since the store chopped the leaves off. Made this for a dinner party, and it was the most gorgeous thing on the spread, as well as maybe the most beautiful thing I've ever made. Not only that, but it was the biggest hit of the night. I look forward to using the leftover oil on vegetable

Rebecca Blake

Instead of grilling, I roasted the whole carrots (with olive oil) in a 400 oven for about 45 minutes, then tossed with the honey/vinegar. Very tasty dish.


Delicious! Or, as my husband said, mmm. As many have noted, this recipe is time-consuming. I forewent the carrot top oil altogether. I put the oil at the bottom of a shallow casserole dish with spices. After steaming the carrots as instructed I threw them on a cast iron grill for a bit then baked them with the yogurt sauce (or my version thereof). Sprinkled the top with the toasted pine nuts and sesame seeds before serving. Came out great. We are vegetarians so for us it was a main dish.


A classic Ottolenghi recipe insofar as it's a massive pain, and totally worth it. Did not make the labneh, used full fat greek yoghurt and can't think how it would have been better. Dukkah is delicious.

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Grilled Carrots With Yogurt, Carrot-Top Oil and Dukkah Recipe (2024)
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