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Thursday Evenmr January 16 1936 THE ZANESVILLE SIGNAL Page our Chiins Healthy and ACTIVE? Well Judge for Yourself! Man" Stuff! McIntyre I MW YORK UM BY DAY Tinymites Burr ty HAL COCHXAN Pepo for unrestricted medical oon Who succeeded Colonel Watery the were fed four times a YOUR but tor hU Side Glances By George each hemangioma on Marla's thigh Kocssvelt in the latter's coun SoTheySay Dutcher Progre saJa Mr sUrtklb 1 nlwny been nn hu bands Dionne house was a repreen home of the backwoods and ride He to trial the the awhile believed the babies the nurses masks are have and used (Scout) and the bear stage a tunny dance In the nest story) Many a chap goes pretty fast who never giu very far 1 Sex has nothing to do with the pulpit and pants do not make preachers Semple McPherson evange list' The tongues of the traditionalists now curb and tie the tongues of blo logls truth Dr Oscar Riddle Carnegie Institu tion of Washington "Kansas City to Build Park for This smacks of progress Has Largest Hay Crop in Yeah! And more Jackasses too Alter some fellers git fresh they soon wilt Japanese delegates gal I want to hold my hand Is one who loves me to beat was shunted to the sidelines his mission that ot conciliat milk was changed on mixture of milk We used Each vitamin picks out a special portion of the body for the good it can da Vitamin A was concerned with the tissue of the eye and that part of vi tamin which I have already de scribed was concerned with the nerv ous system and the muscles at the intestines Now vitamin picks out the capil laries or smallest blood vessels Shortage of vitamin is reflected quite promptly In bleeding from the membranes of the body Its deficien cy results In damage to the teeth and In changes In the bones Our knowledge of deficiencies of thia vitamin is among the oldest in formation we have on deficiency dis eases In the Itfth century British sailors found that something in the diet was necessary to prevent scurvy Back in 1760 Dr James Ilnd no ticed that sailors became tired and pale that large black and blue spots appeared on their bodies that their gums would bleed and their joints become painful when they sailed on long voyages and failed to get fresh food for a long time It was not until 1S12 however that proof was definitely fothcomlng that vitamin in fresh fruits and fresh vegetables was the substance neces sary to prevent appearance of scur so on Jabbering away In each tongue as though expert linguist although scarcely knowing a word any or Ripley: Gene Buck knows an actor ot 42 who does not say be is 39 With the decision ot Ike Meltzer Brooklyn bridge newsboy to abandon the Paris boulevards the evacua tion by American exiles seems complete A war left over Ike has been peddling American newspapers in the bars and In bls special patrol along both sides the Cafe de la Palx these years He married a rench girl stub bornly refused like Arthur Moss to learn the language but was resigned to permanent residence But now coming home No business They all recovered somewhat without further oompllca Yet Richbergs sales tala nation must be saved limits ot the Constitution but that the ultimate de Italnh Barton once staged a party for Chaplin in rue Nicolet house in Paris Yvonne Prlntempa was a guest She spoke no English nor Chaplin rench Most of the guests were Americans so as a gag the rench actress and Chaplin engaged in mild dispute at the table that soared into a pyrotechnic outburst of shrieking imprecations shoulder shrugs and a deluge of mutual tears All done in rench that Is her pure Gallic and Chaplin's linguistic fakery Not a soul savc Barton knew until next day it was delicious foolery When you remove the restraints of popular Judgment you not only have taken the first step but you have taken the last step toward ab solute dictatorial power William Borah Many a little squirt has a big streamlined car How many times has Helen Jacobs tennis expert won the ama teur tennis title) A A Qn September 11 1933 Mlse Jacobs won the women's national amateur tennis title for the fourth consecutive time rounding the supreme court majority Interpretations of the Constitution After his speech to the Chicago university alumni Rlc Jiberg is billed in Boston eb 6 in New York on March 7 and over a national radio hcckup March 34 And then some more these scars by rench peel Would you recommend Would there bo harmful effects? Would the ro be permanent? I cannot Toklo newspaper suggests what possible outcome Adjourn the Nora Bayes was never so happy as when expressing herself In song on stage and oft One evening at the old Sixty Club when the crowd dwindled to a handful that was already retrieving wraps some one suggested Mis Bayes sing just one song This waa about a and at 7 a she was still ringing as fresh as the proverbial daisy Not a soul had thought of lea ring i ADDRESS ALL kR CCNTRiELiTlCNS TQ THE EDITOR Now Norris athers MV A The bonus the budget and the neutrality law are the three most pressing matters on but it you like to take a long range view of things might make a note of the fact that Senator George Norris of Nebraska has Introduced an innocent little Slawek as Polish premier? A He was succeeded on October 13 1935 by Mar Jan Zyndram Koaclal kowskl Cagney is off the movie payroll unless he can choose lus own stones or a change ot pace he might try the lead in "He Who Gets Slapped" How devoted care medical skill and meticulous attention to proper feeding brought ths Psonne quintu plets through the perils that bewt them their first year to radiant health at 20 months Is told In Dr Allan own words In this story part of the text ot an article reprinted from the Canadian Medical Journal Now vitamin has been Isolated In pure form and Is available in tablets and in concentrates In Its form it is an acid substance whlcfc has been given the name aacorbta acid It has also been called hexu ronlo acid and there are other names for It such as ceHone and cevitamic acid This substance has now been de veloped In pure form from paprika which is the substance In nature found to be the richest source vitamin It also comes from freeh fruits such as oranges and lemons from cabbage and Anally it has been developed synthetically by chemists Vitamin la a delicate vitamin It is destroyed to some extent by dry ing but particularly by heat In an open vessel where oxygen can get at it If the vessel happens to be cop per It is destroyed more quickly Commercial canning docs not how ever Injure the content of vitamin in fresh fruits and vegetables be cause commercial canning is usually done in thin vessels and in a va cuum so that oxygen is not present in amounts large enough to damags the vitamin HEALTH QUESTION I have had acne on my face beginning at about 14 years ot age It has left my face considerably scarred There are people who say that they can re move Ing this? after suits successfully use rouge on account of its settling in these pits There is no treatment that will remove or Improve the ap pearance of the scars left by bed acne and it Is unwise and a waste of money to attempt any such process As time goes ont the Uttlel scare show less and less but the skin never becomes entirely smooth The trouble ex perienced In the use of cosmetics is an annoyance but it cannot be helpeq By way ot report comes the story of a southern gentleman who per mitted himself to be drawn Into an argument with Bataa During the conversation the evil one remarked that no one pomeased a perfect memory But the southerner stoutly maintained there was an Indian on bis plantation who never forgot a thing sure of this waertton waa the southerner that he agreed to forfeit hia sou! to Baton if the Indian aver forgot anything Seeking to test this remarkable man Satan appeared before him one day and asked the question "Do you like "Yes" was the Indian's reply 1 Satan made his exit after having set what he believed was trip The years roiled on and one day the southern gentleman died Satan figuring the time had come to test the memory of the Indian reVjrred to earth and sought out his quarry Approaching the Indian with his hand raised he gave ths tribal salute "How" Quick as you could say Jack Rob inson the Indian replied "Beram blad" To a grownup a spade's a spade and a chair something In which to relax But to imaginative like ell 20 montn old a chair may be anything even ald lo calisthenics or a wheelbarrow? as witness the quins at center and right Like man the Dionne tot tM but little here below and horns dolls and topsy turvy fbalre apparently spell contentment A paUfornJan roared Into the air by an uto landed on it top Reckless drivers evidently are beginning to take a bit rf pride In their work tfr Reveals How Handicaps Have Been Overcome and Perils to Health of amed Infants Eliminated Tells of Treatment During Early Illness Greatest of Care Exercised in Diet of Babies Human beings first used edged rocks as cutting struments 100000 years ago which shows how all women who sharpen pencils with razors have progressed while the conference la In session case this the only and wait for a more favorable time to re why not? On the fourth day we were receiv ing enough mother's milk from ths Hospital or Sick Children Toronto to meet all necessary requirements The amount of breast milk waa grad ually Increased from a drachm per feeding upwards but the babies were three weeks old before they were able to take one ounce per feeding eeder Is Substituted The breast milk was used from the first at full strength and it remained as the entire source of milk supply until the babies were nearly four months old The dally supply of milk increased from 30 ounces per day In the first two weeks to nearly a gallon by the end ot the fifth month A Breck feeder was substituted for the eye dropper on the sixth day and at two months ot age the babies were all taking their food from an ordin ary feeding bottle eeding Intervals were gradually Increased until at 10 months they day The breast Oct 19 to a water and Dextrl Maltose the milk for only a few days because we depend upon It and an evaporated milk was substi tuted This formula with the addition of lacto baclllus acidophilus was used until the Infants were a year old rom one half to one ounce of to mato Juice or orange Juice was ad ministered daily as an anlt scorbutlc to each baby starting on July 9 1 Later the orange Juice was increased 1 to three to four ounces a baby and used thus for Its cathartic value as well as for the vitamin 0 content Given Vitamin On July 38 when the babies were two months old vitamin was given dally first In the form of vloa terol and then of cod llver oil At the end of 10 months each of the babies was receiving two drachms of cod llver oil a day prune Juice was given from Oct 12 The first solid food was used on Oct 26 In the form of a pre cooked base forming cereal and this was given daily from this date Assorted vegetables cooked and stfalned were added on Jan 5 followed by egg yolk on Jan 12 and on Jan 19 by cooked fruit pulp (apples apri cots prunes) On May 29 (second day of life) the combined weight of the babies was 13 pounds 6 ounces but on June 4 the total weight of the five was less than 10 pounds and Marie weighed only 14 pounds The weekly weight charts for the first 10 months present a very steady upward trend with the two smaller babies showing a somewhat slower rate of gain After 10 months the weights continued to Increase so that at one year each had gained about one pound over her weight at 10 months Guard Against Infection Every care has been taken to pre vent exposure of these' babies to in fection Almost the only people in direct contact with been the parents myself Gowns and by all attendants In spite of these precautions ot the babies during March 1935 de veloped an upper respiratory tract Infection which extended to the ears It was necessary to perform paracentesis on both eardrums of Marie slowly tlona The required during the year three doses of radium emanations beforelt was obliterated Uncle Charley Says By CHARLEY GRANT is the to He held bit faad up They grab bed it and pulled him right out at the pit The hunter then said will have to fix the trap again twigs end brush have tumbled through and that means there Is work to do hurry! Beasts come by this very spot lad now end then" "Ill say they do! Look over there" wee Duncy cried see a bear: This fine trap was right In his path but he has seen us now "I only wish he'd stay and play tut I am sure run away like to catch him but I will admit I don't know bow" How many kinds of saxophones are there? A There are seven: the high so prano alto tenor baritone bus and double bass bill to tat up a Misetaeippi Valley Authority which' would be Jtirt I ke )he TVA only ever so much bigger Senator Korris in fact wants to see the TVA idea extended to the entire Mississippi which Is an enormous territory extending as It toe from Ptanril jn! a to Montana And the person bu bil! worth noticing Is that thU aging senator has an uncanny way of getting what he wants It takes long Ums sometimes inrt the sena tor both persuasive and tenacious If jou disUks this new Idea ci his beet rtart on the warpath right now otherwise ept to wake up some day and find that he bas Ms bfll all paired and signed Tip or The Arms Parley 4 One ot the most sensible views on the current naval 1 (imitations conference in London seams to have been voiced by the Japanese newspaper Asahi taki wsirK mM t1 naval authorliieu simply suggests that the call everything off and go home it points cut that the unsett ed conditions In Europe fnow make a genuine attempt at disarmament almost Impossible Some of the powers attending the center tnce are going ahead with extensive plans for rearma ment even In such Is perhaps conference convc By arguing tar an agreement at a time when nt agreement is humanly possible the delegates can suc iceed only In stirring up a good deal of needless 111 will ar tetcber may feel disposed to picture as straw men" these groups tttat are boldly committing gigantic corporations to a policy of rule or rjln without to the wishes ot their mltthms ct individual stockhold ers But are 11 Ppar ttat Mr let ''che and bls scredned 1032 OO committee bring subordinated by ths industriahris who in prevkrua cam patens were content simply to supply the funds? And that now they insist upon being the reel msnager of the campaign exactly a they has taken ever motion picture etudloe brick kilns and hotels? These gentry may continue to bulldoze their stock 'holders and attempt to browbeat their employee after the manner ot Mark Hanna and MU they have already Inaugurated those tactics Of the previous ren but ranklin Booeeveit hat called them tn a nanner the public 1 not P4 to overlook They are going to have to file a bill ot particulars or stand eon evicted ot striving solely for complete surrender at progreM that has been achieved since the day Hoover drove out of the White House ground lust the mountaineers call a 'fur piece" for Hany Richman baek to the days when with hie tiny white portable piano be was Just another singing act In the cellar cabarets Then as now much of his charm was his gractousne responding to encore He teems tlreUu And success ha not calloused him to such response Today nothing be like better after bl daf chore than to run through bls tong for intimate This willingness i almott an Invariable trait of too who have reached the top rung A reason they reach It no doubt A furniture maker displays a bed equipped with tjpe VTtter Wow how about oct wito a aomptometer for the sheep co Utt? Perhaps the most generous of all wltb bi talent without pay to Charite Chaplin He I hl bast when a party ha spent Itself end everybody I killing off yawn He then pick It up puts it on its feet and makes it something memorable for the ditty box So much so hl screen efforts as excellent as they are seem second rate In these Impromptu jet hl versa tility fatriy staggen Now a Japanese Juggler a Spanish danrer a rench coquette a co*ckney flower relief and an of Answers to Questions By REDBIC HASEIN irst Miot In Campaign campaign Is only the be 1 ginning of a program of not dficlally sponsored by the White House lUchberg I one of the most bril liant lawyers in the country Not long ago be was known as the "as sistant and was closest of all to cil Ho when mg "Big proved Impossi ble Yet he remain In Washington In Intimate contact with admlnlstra tlonists Ha solemnly denies to me that he ha discussed his speaking cam paign with' Roosevelt and various White House intimates otter similar assurance the within the if possible Clsion depends on whether a given thing 1 right and ought to be done expresses the present White House attitude Rlchberg and other feel that and buggy" statement should have been made for Roosevelt rather than by Roosevelt Roosevelt Is to feet likewise i Bo you can expect to hear the balloonist sound off while White House and all the rest ot political world tunes Its ears to the The Town By BEAD EEP Health By DB MORRIS ISHBEIN if jour Stersl tall to arrive call the oflic prpniP11? llwed copies all) to delivered by special mnoeoe it repenea aww What Is the Nri belief about Jeus? A In a campaign galnt existing religions the Nazis have publizfeed a pamphlet called Th Bible Unveiled Th author 1 Hann Obermeixter and his work reject the Bible as being the work of man and den tea the ex istence ot Jesus Christ and the Apos tle Removed from Incubators The babies were kept tn the Incu bators until all reached the weight of rix pounds or the first two month they ware removed once day only to be oiled At the end of this time the oil both was changed to a oep and water one In the early fall of 1034 each baby in turn developed a severe type ot Intestinal toxerfila as shown by high temperature rapid pulse abdominal distension and diarrhea and they gave me many anxious moment (In vestigation showed that the most probable source of this infection was the diapers which were improperly sterlized) Opening of the hospital on Sept 22 1934 marked one of the most Im portant events In the history of the babies It gave me the first oppor tunity trol The tatlve offered the usual limited facilities of 1 that country The routine of family life wsa shattered by the various duties carried out by the three 1 nurses orderly and cook which were necessary the welfare of the ca ble Isolation urthermore we found that'proper isolation measures were Impossible to carry out In the home and black flies mosquitoes and other Insect vis itors evaded our vigilance All these troubles ended however when the beble were transferred to their new resldenc about 100 yards across the road from their house of birth It contain a large bright well equipped nursery four bedrooms a bath room dining room and kitchen After the babies arrived at the hos pital they were introduced for the first time to the northern sun and the invigorating outdoor air Com mencing gradually they soon began to spend hours under warm wrap pings on the veranda and this was continued throughout the winter They immediately began to show def inite Improvement In the country where I live physi cians have a very limited chance to follow carefully the early care ot In fanta The grandmothers mothers and midwives carry on with those du ties shortly after the barle are bom We are usually called for serious ill nesses only Complete control ot the care and feeding of the quintuplets gave to me the greatest pleasure of my life I feel that I have learned a great deal In the last year and a half regarding infant care My education has been further augmented through the me dium of an International correspond enca course In medicine pediatric bacteriology and therapeutic Get World of My preceptors In this course have been varied and included Christian Science followers astrologers chiro practors veterinary surgeons nurse fathers mothers and maiden ladles Many superstitious belief and anci ent Ideas regarding medicine and dis ease were passed along to me Letters authorizing advice and of fers of help were received from Great Britain India Germany rance Cen tral America Mexico Australia Phil ippine Islands and all over North America Goat and prize cow were offered to provide the necessary milk for the babies It was suggested that a healthy lactating Yorkshire ow would our feeding problem The reported onset of intestinal toxemia produced an avalanche ot letters all of which contained sug gested measures of treatment Water melon Juice Infusions of blackberry root horsetail plant sassafras and knot weed were said to have produced spectacular results in similar cases Whisky was a common ingredient of many suggested remedies and was to be used both internally and ex ternally The use ot spirits however produced several letters ot criticism for starting the children at such a tender age on a downward path dung tea sweetened and warmed was offered as a cure tor "The Blue Spells" How They Were ed During the first day the babies were fed on warm water with an eye dropper every two hours It was only possible to get them to take about 10 to 15 drops at one time On the second and third days they were given 30 to 60 drops ot a mix ture containing 7 ounces of milk 13 ounces at water and one ounce of corn svruD The milk and water was brought to a bell and the corn syrup gradu ally stirred into the mixture A few drops of rum were added to all feed ings for the first week By DR ALLAN DAI OE The Dionne Doctor Detail ct the birth of the Dionne quintuplet and their Immediate care have already been recorded To that report I would like to add same fur tlir history the case and feeding Up to the age ct 10 months Bhortly after birth the babies were wrapped in th only coverings avail able plarod on the bed and covered with heated blanket Soon after this they were carefully tucked In a laundry basket and kept warm bV blanket heated in toe oven Later In the day th cures brought with her the first hot water bottle we used On the third day an incubator wes presented to us and the three small est infanta were' transferred to this Within a Week a second incubator was obtained and then three more a separate one wa available for each child The temperature of toe Incubators was kept between 87 and 90 degrees for toe first few day but this was gradually lowered and maintained at 84 degree Humidity within the In cubators wa measured and kept be tween 50 and S3 degree with sponge soaked in hot water Clear Room er Nursery A room next to toe bed room' was cleared and made a nursery By the end of the fifth day we had three graduate nurses a cook general and an orderly and for toe first time we had a breathing spell The bablc were born about two months before full term and present ed the typical apprarance of prema ture infants being bluish black In color with bulging foreheads small faces wrinkled skin enlarged soft flaccid muaileS and spi der llke limb or days It seemed Impossible that the tiny spark of life In each at their bodies would prove sufilclent to pro duce continuous functioning of the body machine The babies had to be watched every minute and stimulated frequently Within the first week cylinder containing oxygen 95 per cent carbon dioxide 5 per cent and fitted with a reducing valve and or dinary inhalator were obtained We usad the gas mixture until the babies were 3 months old and alto gether depleted 14 cylinders each one of which contained 80 gallons Is it true that Charles Nord boff co author of Mutiny on too Bounty is married to a Tahitian? UK in 1030 Mr Noranoii mameq Teara of Tahiti Washington Jan Thereometnlng almost pathetic about administration crowd yearning challenge the supreme court and make the tri bunal's decislops a campaign issue The New Dealers are moaning and groaning because they Just don't dare yet Preaident Roose velt decided to let the Issue for Is have assumed that the wide sweep of the AAA deci sion read by Jus tice Roberta meant the annihilation of the Guffey coal act TVA Wagner labor act ftocial Security and every thing else on the New Deal list 1 After awhile hi constituency mlcht get fed up with the supreme court and summon itself to a loud squawk Meanwhile he ha madeIt evident that he wouldn't burn hl fingers again a he did In the famous "horse and statement The attitude is reflect among practically all the pro Roosevelt Democrat ana lve lieie Meat of them evince a yen to go charging Into the arena flu advance the belief that tbe con tervatlve majority on toe supreme court ha asserted an unprecedented SitaUrpatlon ot power and an unwar ranted political predudlce against all New Deal measure Yrt practically I every case representatives official po liticos and brain tbe fact Language of the flower note: They came out of bar A raccoon coated collegiate and a dainty daughter of Nippon Only her complexion and upward slant of her eye betrayed her Oriental strain "Nowl little Cherry Blossom shall we taxi or walk?" he beam ed She smiled archly and replied: "If you mind big Sun lower well walk and not muss up our petals" (Copyright 1036) A Cbppy saw wee tXmey fall toouted "He's not hurt at ail 1 knew toe trap wa so deep Com? cn well help him Tbe hunter laughed and Mid "Weil tai wcve really hd a lot of fun Your little pel jtat know what It 1 ye 1 do" uapped Duney you two yurt played trick on me I bare a right to get real mad but 111) just mBe instead "When I went plop through the ground I finally landed safe sound I should be thankful that 1 land upon toy head" Entered at toe Zanearnle postotfus a Second Claa Mali Mater OREIGN John Cullen Co MH ifth Ave New Ycrk City 8 south Michigan Ave Chicago and General Moton Building Detroit Mich Member vmo oewe Pre United Pres American Newspaper Publishers Association pualraan Hctcber of the Republican aljonsl Coos lite characterized the a cba unge to a straw man to aubmit to a gagged and sub servteut Congrras the favorite socialistic features cl toe New Deal Million of Amcritab lUtergd tfee meseaga They know the nature of the challenge tbe President furled "it his enemies He demanded of them positive rather than 'egaglve petlon an abandteuweot at Uitar ron tfnuou resoyt to generalities such a were conumed in Itoe so called political platform of the National Aaso 'clatlon of Manufacturers a few weeks ago in New York Tttel pomrfW pronouncement filled several columns ot the metropolitan newspaper It couched In lb term of 'the long winded grand Jury indictments that tor is month haie bso 1 'by tpe American Liberty Ignite But JS did not particularize a to able) pl the Jlocee Selt recovery and reform measure It would supplant And the people fare rW know what I prosedfey toe argantaaUorj wfafa publicly taken everthe management of Mr tetebefa Republican Nattonal New York Jan The pooch parade th Hair tor dog begins at 7 along ifth Mttfaod ohd A daily keppel show in It self with the pedigreed Hjoodte brushed and blanket ana vacafc Dog ran be made to re fact to" superiority their owners feel Tbe glcosy Pom may no glance wwne shaarr biological lapse with Bl perhaps fap ear or elongated tail4' There monogrammed coats fur lln collars studded with Jewel and leashes or actual ruvo Th promenade may include two mtatrlou thartneo rC ornell and Bruto Molise Mallory Howard Chand ler Cbrirty and many others of head line cuahtv The caul: rasge er atriairre und from the low burg awhtound to the hip high rnastur And always a small flock of Eedllngtofi lamb towed by Innocent Tben too there are those who tak advantage of tbe period to air ocher sorts of pct The radio singer with too domesticated fox She calja it and I bwk back st dog Th twin anow white Hameaa cats In double harp and last but least the lumber ing star "Jumbo" of tfee Hip The Zanesville Signal AN INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC NEWSPAPEB Published Each Evening Except Sunday at Zanesville GIBBON Pub! laker RED BOHN Manegtal feUBSCBipnON earner rt'jC week 5S by mail (IB' Ohio) 4 seeks 50c 0 week 41 Uk i month 225: 1 fear HM mteUlo Ohio 4 week 45c months k4J oca l7 Rlchberg Turn Whether or not you've noticed that Donald Rlchberg ha mad? a couple of speeches warning that the supreme court ha upset the balance of legislative ex ecutlve and Judicial functions mind my telhng you that Rich berg is going to make a series of speeches on the dangers of Judicial dfetatorshin a a a rorirtlae wrtrarttif iv ne is rnwaiKca cn an enure vo ae 'h' i stroy what he brlvatdy describe as I (Ccjiyright NEA Service Inc 1 The government Is more eager to get out of business than the Ameri can Lobby League is anxious to have it get out of business Gen James A arley eeding and Medical Care Explained in Detail by Dr Dafoe is admitted or deplored that the "tfa mists and temple sur voters "educated" up to the New point of view The New Dealer contend the court vote it economic and political prejudices yet they admit that toe people at large stand in awe and reverence of a su preme court majority a something sanctified and deified Walt for Turn of Tide 8o there the administration stands tense and alert waiting for indica tion that public opinion ba reached the point where congress can be par suaded to pass a law that will curb the court or a point where Roose velt can safely suggest that the court 1 allied with the ot entrenched Indirect efforts carefully gauged to what seem to be the trend of opinion will be made to the public The administration will seek to convey the Idea that it Is op erating strictly within supreme court constructions of the Constitution but at the same time do all it can to turn opinion against the attitude ot the court as now constituted If you know your opinions you will enjoy tbe public utterances cf admin istration spokesmen for their act will be much like that of the performance of walking on egg The New Dealers don't at break the but they do hope tbe eggs will hatch! "Max Baer Now a Yeah! Punehin' cows i more like i "Petting and Necking Shorten death where is thy sting? Washington Daily Revue By RODNEY DUTCHER Wee scouty then came on tbe run and cried "Here's where I have some fun That bear I going to be a pet ot curs before through "Once with 'a show I trained a bear and that one give ma a scare Just give me timet I don't need help from any one ot you" The other Tinies gathered "Oh I hope be afe and field Goldy "Do be Then brave Scouty dashed away He grabbed the small bear on the run The beast appeared to think it fun "Why said Windy "That wee bear appear to want to play" (Copyright 1936 NEA Service Inc) TV I I 5 i (t £j' I 7 er I I I 1: T'X I' Qt: I I Mh ff 7 A 1 1 'ter 'vaw" sit 1 Jfi 1Z SB ii rr tataer ST 46'.

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