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they’ve always existed. Although at first their presence was hidden, going on for thousands of years they separate themselves from the humans.

These fairies lived in colonies, each of them different. Although all were adaptable. Some lived in the highest mountains. Others are hidden in the deepest parts of the forest. There was a colony that survived beneath the waves. They were everywhere and nowhere at the same time

the only thing the fairies in these colonies had in common were the talents they obtained.

Harvest fairies dominated each colony taking up 60% of a colony with fiery orange wings. They were deemed most important and therefore they took up the biggest percentage of talents. They can grow anything in any condition, wherever they are located. Their talents extended to control the weather around them to create the perfect climate for the plants they harvested. It was said that the food they make meals with would be worth more than gold, pearls and jewels.

Behind them were the nurture fairies at 25%, their wings were forest green. They were less common but arguably equally important. Although they appear bland at first sight. Their hands were their most prized possession. They could heal anything with a fingertip, whether a snapped twig or a fatal wound.

Then there were the animal fairies, their importance wasn't as great as the previous two but the 13% were still helpful, the sight of their red wings was the talk of the colony since they were so beautiful. Apparently, they had the ability to talk and communicate with animals, whether they were a mammal, arachnids, reptiles and so on it didn't matter. Each of these fairies held a special bond with the animal kingdom, even the biggest bear could be calmed by an animal fairy. Some of these fairies had animal familiars and grew to have similarities with them, whether it had been rabbit ears or a tiger's tail, it was potluck.

That leaves the last 2% of fairies. To those around them, they were nothing but a burden. Often getting in the way. They were rule breakers and too curious for their own good, for anyone's in fact.

Tinkers they were called. Always found dirty and in a place they should never be. No matter how many times they 'tried' to help, it always ended in disaster. If anything they were a burden. Fairies have a certain way of going about things, the other fairies ALWAYS stuck to their important jobs, never straying away from how things were 'supposed' to be done.

Fairies hated change. They were supposed to do their job, in the same way, every day, 365 days a year, until the day they die.

'It's the way of the fairy'

But not for Tinkers. They had this need, the never-ending urge to build, to make something that would create change, they lived for it, and they breathed it. Inventing, growing, and gaining more knowledge.

Since the beginning of fairies, they remained hidden. They kept themselves separate from humanity. Although they look the same. For the most part.

unlike the folktales, fairies weren't 3 inches tall. They were the same size as you and me, like any human. They didn't dress any differently, only in what they found comfortable to work in, to keep them warm or cool.

they didn't have sharp carnivorous teeth that sunk into flesh like that horrid depiction of a tooth fairy. Funnily enough, they didn't exist.

the only way to define a fairy from a human was to look closer.

At first glance their ears were pointed, long and slender. That had been the only noticeable difference at first.

at second glance you'd notice how fair their skin was, soft and smooth, it came in all colours, white, pale, olive, brown, and black. Their skin didn't define them. They were all the same in each other eyes.

At a third glance, you'd eventually spot the lines on their back, intricate patterns that weaved and connected. Under the sunlight, they shimmered and shined across the skin. If you look at them from behind you'd see where they began. Two stubs were placed in the centre of their back, in line with their armpits. The lines concentrated from this area, growing to form theirs. If you asked kindly enough you'd see the lines come to life, they'd lift from the skin showing you the colour-coded transparent membrane that connected these lines. A fairy's wings are their most valuable assets and biggest weakness.

as mentioned, they hid their presence for thousands of years. But as humans became smarter and greater they also became more curious. The fairies wanted nothing to do with them, they wanted to keep to their peaceful ways. And so they did.

most became better at hiding, and others mastered blending in with the humans that conquered their lands. A small fraction strayed away from their right as a fairy, too scared of being discovered they had their wings removed and ears cut.

Each fairy did what they deemed fit to survive.

Every fairy thought this was how their lives were going to be. The joy and hope they once lived for each day began to dim. There were cases where fairies began to lose their talents, the birth rates decreased and so did their population. This continued for the next hundreds of years. And hope was starting to fade.

Until a luminescent baby was born. And the world was thrown into chaos.

Humans started to develop their own talents. They were happy, they were evolving. They began to flaunt what made them different.

it was a harsh slap in the face if anything. For thousands of years, fairies had to hide, their talents, the thing that made them different. The things humans would have feared. The things they would have lost their lives over.

Because they were different

Humans were cruel like that. But they were also stupid.

With the increased appearance of the so-called 'quirks,' the fairies didn't have to hide any longer. They could claim their different looks and abilities as a so-called quirk, no matter how much it felt that they were tarnishing their ancestors. But they could finally live in peace, side by side, blending in with the humans.

they were finally free

Harvest fairies fed thousands of mouths without question. Nurture fairies saved millions of lives with their loving touches. Animal fairies solved the endangerment of near to instinctive animals. Tinker fairies were finally helpful with the sky as their limit

That's the story your parents told you. And that their parent told them. And their parents told them. And so on. The point was made.

your eyes brightened up in joy when they had first told you, it was the day of your fourth birthday. The day the lines finally connected with the membrane and lifted from your skin.

it wasn't until they were spread behind you fully that the colour could dye itself into the membrane

after seconds of waiting you could feel it, through your wings, in the blood running through your veins

"Red!" your father cheered. He too was a fairy, only he had fiery orange wings. a harvest fairy.

His hands lifted you under your armpits to hold you on his hip, he smelled of fruit, specifically strawberries. As he walked to the wall, you were tall enough to see yourself in the reflection of the mirror that hung over the fireplace. Your eyes fall on the wings spurted behind you, and red they were, shimmering like a ruby.

"But they aren't like yours... or mama's" You pout, looking over your dad's shoulder at your mother. She was by far the most beautiful fairy in your opinion. It was as if she walked straight from a children's book. Her hair was long and wavy and unimaginably soft. Her smile was kind and warm. Her voice was like a lullaby, the words she spoke were so wise. Her hands were delicate and soft, full of the warmth of love

Her beautiful green wings fluttered behind her gently as she walked over, wrapping her arm around her husband's waist and pulling herself closer to you and your father. Her eyes locked with yours in the mirror

"Well, my beauty" she whispered, nuzzling her cheek with yours. “Now the farm has everyone it needs” She looks at your dad, “Your daddy, a harvest fairy to take care of the crops” Your dad holds you tighter, hugging you close and your mother kisses your cheek, “Me, a nurture fairy to heal everyone”, they both looked at you directly, and you watched them in the mirror a smile coming onto your face

“And you, our perfect little animal fairy to care for our residents”

My Bunny-Girl Fairy - Chapter 1 - moony_05 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)
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