What An Annoying Husband Guy! - KhepiAri (2024)

What An Annoying Husband Guy!

LawLu Month 2024: Day 1

General Prompt: Dawn

Trope prompt: Caught in the rain

Quote: "I never meant to fall in love with you, I just did."

Sometimes at the crack of dawn, Dr Trafalgar D Water Law slips into the bed and slides his cold, tired hands under the warm hoodie his husband fell asleep in. When the surgeon felt extra clingy, he dug his toes into his husband's socks as well. His logical justification was, that a surgeon’s arms and hands needed rest and care. They needed warmth and softness which only very limited places could offer in this world. And he found that warm care and soft comfort only in one place in this entire world; when he placed his fingers on the warm chest of his husband and nuzzled his nose in his husband's nape and pressed himself against his back and fell into a deep sleep.

Law always felt his inner self relax when his palms could feel the slow-sleepy drumming of Luffy’s heart. The rise and fall of Luffy’s chest gave him a joy, the joy of knowing that his partner was healthy and happy and felt secure in Law’s arms.

After returning from work, Luffy's embrace was his little piece of heaven, and he would trade fate of the entire world for this comfort to last for eternity. That midnight, Law too had planned to enter his home as quietly as he could. He wanted to tiptoe inside the little flat, drop all his clothes, crawl under the blanket, latch onto Luffy like an octopus and kiss his neck until the younger man turned around and kissed him back.

All his plans to do so were shattered when the first summer rain broke down just after 2 am, just when he was about to step out. The surgeon wanted to run in the rain to hail a taxi, but unfortunately for him, he got a text from Luffy. Asking him to stay inside the hospital and not rush out in the rain. All Dr. Trafalgar D Water Law wanted, was to go back home and cuddle his husband after 72 hours of duty. All Law could do was whimper and curse the universe from a corner of the hospital entrance while the rain shamelessly shat on his one true joy.

“Here coffee.” Sachi, one of his oldest friends, handed him the cheapest and bitterest coffee the vending machine could vomit out.

“You want me to die? Do you want my Luffy to become a widower?” Law asked as he took the can with disappointment written all-over his face. “Is this even coffee?”

“Shut up and drink it, I have fifteen minutes to spare. I will keep you company.”

“Sure bro…” Law took a sip and made a disgusted face. “You are drinking this sh*t every day?”

“This drink is our unicorn blood, do you understand?” Sachi groaned, Law didn’t understand. “One sip gives you extended life, but at what cost?”

“Hypertension? Accelerated heartbeat? Hair fall!”

“TCH!” Sachi hissed. “Don’t hurt me. I am here to keep you company no? So why are you bullying me?”

“Because I want to go back home and be with Luffy! I want to cuddle him. I want to inhale his smell. Not only that, but I miss him so much! I was looking forward to the weekend.”

“Then why are you not going home?”

“Luffy told me to stay put!”

“Are you the same guy who refused commitment like a plague? How did you become a tamed cat from the wandering pompous tiger that you were!”

Law flashed his wedding ring, “That was ten years ago! I am a reformed man! It was love at first sight and of course our mutual interest in mushrooms, poisons and metalwork helped too. Last week we went to a bronze-era exhibition, Luffy knew his stuff like the back of his hand, he almost got us kicked out though for correcting the tour-guide. It was hilarious!”

"Do you people not learn? How many tours have you been banned from?"

"I don't know, don't hold an exhibition and expect the audiences to be silent like dumb newborn lambs! Luffy and I are curious lambs, so what if we bleat a bit! We paid for the tour!"

"You were not like this!" Sachi sighed for the infinite time. “Still… Man! How can a man like you turn 180’? What made you like this?” Sachi almost spat at Law. “And don’t you dare say it is the power of love? I am warning you.”

Law's eyes turned mischievously bright, “But it is true. You know what I said to Luffy when I proposed?”

“No! And I don’t want to know!”

“I will tell you anyway,” Law grinned like a gremlin and Sachi slapped his face because he had heard this story multiple times in the last decade. If people asked about the life Dr. Trafalgar Law led before marrying Luffy, everyone could sum it up with one word: playboy. In Law’s own words, he was not a playboy, he simply was a man who wanted to test out the waters of his locality with his boat and somehow ended up in the embrace of the ocean called Luffy.

"You know right, I organised the proposal in an insectarium?" Sachi nodded. "And I asked all the staff members to arrange the moths at the display centre into: WILL YOU MARRY ME? Mind it, it was done with pinned moths, ethically sourced not killed okay! I had spent months collecting them with the help of experts to blow Luffy's mind away. Each of the moths was selected based on the book Luffy wrote; 100 Moths You Should Know About Before The Planet Dies!" Law smiled like a fool. "After he said yes, I put the ring on him and I declared to him: I never meant to fall in love with you, I just did!” Sachi knew what was next. "That was the day we shared our first kiss!" That's how Sachi and Law's other friends found out both Luffy and Law were on the extreme ends of demisexuality and asexuality!

And all the philandering Law had done prior to meeting Luffy, were actually redundant! Monkey D Luffy arrived in his life one afternoon with a jar full of poisonous insects, entered his chamber to solve a murder mystery and never left Law’s heart.

“Good lord, you are embarrassingly cheesy!”

“You are just jealous!”

None of Law’s colleagues ever thought that they would witness the taming of Dr Trafalgar D Water Law. Especially at the hands of a forensic entomologist. Within six months of dating, the infamous playboy was ready to be wife-guy. In his case an annoying husband-guy!

To everyone’s astonishment, not only had Law sobered up in his social life, his economic life improved too. He cleared all his student loans, paid the down payment for the flat and put a ring on Luffy within a span of a year. Since then, it had been ten years, and Trafalgar D Water Law was now reputed as the husband-guy! And now he was known as the annoying husband-guy, whose every conversation looped back to Luffy this and Luffy that.

A gang of interns who too were off-clock approached the two doctors after hearing the conversation from behind the pillars. They just got tired of watching their cool mentor's personality do a U-turn at the mention of his so called cute adorable husband Luffy! “Then why are you letting the rain stop you from rushing home?” One of them with green hair spoke. She was known for crushing after Law. The surgeon dismissed her crush as seasonal flu. “Shouldn’t you just dash home and go cuddle or something?” She added.

“And you… are?” Law mused “Marionette?”

“Monet.” The girl said with mild irritation. “How can you not remember my name? I have been under your tutelage for almost a year now!”

Law laughed, “Sorry, my husband’s habit rubbed on me! Previously he was bad with names, now we both are bad with names. When you are married for that long, you pick habits and hobbies like it's osmosis!”

“OHHHH GAWD NOT AGAIN!” Sachi groaned. “I hate you. I will ask Bepo to club you with the plastic mace his little patient was playing with today! But Marionette is correct, why are you still here?”

“It’s Monet!” Monet cried while her companions laughed.

“Potato Potetoe?” Sachi drank his coffee. “Why are you not leaving? Just go, get a taxi or something! Since you are so lovesick eh?”

“I told you, Sachi! And it’s none of your kids' business what I do with my time! Now go home!” Law waved his hand. "Goodnight/Good morning, pick your cherry and go rest!"

“Yes, Dr Law, why are you not going back home? Did your gorgeous husband lock you out?” Another intern joined in now. Law refused to answer and kept on drinking his bitter coffee.

“Yes, please tell us, did you get dumped?” Another chimed in! “If you get divorced, we will gladly marry you!”

“He is taken. Back off!” A voice boomed from behind all of them. Everyone turned around except Law. He didn’t turn around not because he was angry, but because he was so happy that it would slip the mask of normalcy he tried to carry on, easily! “Babes, did you wait a lot?”

“No, just drinking the sh*tty coffee Sachi bought me.” Law raised his can. “It tastes like melted iron and dirty water!”

“Then throw it!” Sachi hissed.

”We don’t waste food!” Law and the new arrival spoke in unison and continued asking, “Sachi, are you feeding my Law caffeine again?”

“Who is that?” Monet whispered. So did others. Each continued asking who this person was. Despite Law bragging about his husband shamelessly day and night, not many people had seen Monkey D Luffy in person. So each of them had their version of how the fabled spouse of the surgery department’s most coveted tall-dark-handsome surgeon was. Now that he was here, they couldn’t help but look at him.

Monkey D Luffy attracted people’s attention like he was the morning sun. He was the opposite of his husband! Short, broad, jolly and bolder.

Only Sachi looked at Luffy without any attraction and shook his head, “It’s a decaf drink! Please take this lump home, he is annoying.” Then he patted Law, “Hey Luffy, I didn’t know you were working last hours too!” Then he turned to Law, "Hey, were you whining despite knowing Luffy was in this building?" Law didn't reply. He didn't lie, he wanted to go home badly, had Luffy been home, he wouldn't have cared for the rain at all and jumped into a taxi! But Luffy's text made him stop, he was angry that three hours of their cuddle time was already wasted because of this last-minute call for Luffy. He could never be angry with Luffy, so he was busy cursing the rain and the universe when Sachi spotted him "Law you are pathetic!" Sachi almost crushed his coffee can!

Luffy breezed past all of them, went straight to the spot where Law was, and pushed aside Sachi gently and removed his hand from Law's shoulder, “I didn’t want to come here today babes! But this case needed my observational skills! The autopsy report found bugs that only live for like a day in a four day old corpse. I will tell you the rest once we reach home, I owe the dead some confidentiality!” Luffy coiled his arms around Law’s waist and tiptoed to kiss the taller man on the cheek, ignoring the blushing bunch of interns watching it all in 4K. “Law, were you cold?” Only Monet noticed the coy nod from the surgeon as Luffy tightened his arms around his lean waist. Then the entomologist turned around to look at all of them and said, “Mine.”

Sachi felt a shiver run down his spine, he just had enough of these two and left the area with his half-finished can of unicorn blood.

Hearing Luffy gladly announce that Law was his made the interns understand one thing clearly. In Dr Trafalgar D Water Law’s marriage, he was not the only weirdo, his so-called adorable cute husband was equally a weirdo. Law turned around with a shameless grin and introduced his husband, “My husband, Dr Monkey D Luffy, works in the field of forensic entomology, and often the pathology department calls him to study with them when they find unusual cases like today. Right Lu?”

“Yeah, you will mostly find me in some ditch collecting insects if not in the pathology department!”

All the interns, including Monet, said, “Hello.”

“Nice to meet you! Torao, can we leave, I just want to sleep.”

“Want to run till the subway?” Law asked. “We can make it for the first train at the crack of dawn.”


“In this weather, you will catch cold.” Monet blurted out. And Luffy offered her a raised eyebrow. “Sorry, I overstepped!”

Luffy grinned shamelessly and said, “Don’t worry, we will warm each other like we always do!”

In the blink of an eye, the couple was gone. As they ran into the rain to catch the first train, the interns felt a sudden pressure leaving their bodies. Though now they were blushing at the sight of their mentor being lovely-dovey. They couldn’t push aside the odd feeling that the fabled cute spouse could poison them if they wanted to! Now they knew they couldn’t even try or dare to ever tease Dr Trafalgar D Water ever again. As Monkey D Luffy’s not-so-innocent smile and cold eyes had instilled the fear of a thousand-year-old god’s wrath in everyone’s heart.

The End

See you next thursday!

What An Annoying Husband Guy! - KhepiAri (2024)
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